Read RETRIEVER in Luna Station Quarterly

The newest news is that my short story RETRIEVER, has been published by the lovely people over at Luna Station Quarterly.

Read it HERE.

I highly recommend buying a copy of the magazine (linky here for paperback and here for ebook) because they’re actively supporting women writers in sci-fi/fantasy, which is obviously a cause that’s very near and dear to my heart.

In other news: STAR-CROSSED has sold a few copies, which is delightful, but a wee bit disappointing in that I set ridiculous expectations for myself. (Emkay, why aren’t you James Patterson famous, yet?) BUT! I will trudge forward, gallantly into the bright, shiny future (heya, Lenin!), write another book, make that book cheap, and then put STAR-CROSSED out for free and see if I can’t get this live-by-writing train a choo-chooing.

In the meanwhile, my comic is still moving along nicely, too. The chosen name is GOING STILL (and you can follow us once we get going in January via le Twitter). Which, you should just click that link anyway and go see the fantabulous art that Stevie has come up with and get super stoked for pages to be released.



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  1. If you don’t mind, may I ask you a few questions? How often do you work, how often do you write? I find it hard to work a job and also find the time to write. How do you deal with those who believe writing is “easy” and “everyone can do it”? I’ve encountered those people a lot; they view me as a narcissist or egotistical because I have the “gall” to call myself a writer when I haven’t been published yet. And lastly, I find my writing path to be a very lonely one: I suffer from intense depression, clinical, and I’m honestly surprised I can even hold a job. I really really really admire your drive and self support. So my last question is, can you do a blog post on what has and hasn’t worked for you as a writer? Not just writing but mentality wise too (like letting go of negative thoughts etc.) Thank you!!

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