Yet Another Long Pause

Howdy, all.

I know, I know. I have a habit of doing this. I wrote a piece about boycotting the internet in an effort to make my life better and that was part of it, but mostly it was my own laziness.

On a better note, here are some updates!

1.) I’ve been married now for a year to my lovely husband, Adam. We celebrated our one year anniversary on Halloween just last month. (I got him a comic book for a present. It’s paper, okay?)

2.) It’s been over two years since I’ve owned the coffee shop. That means that my SBA loan restrictions have been lifted! Which, in reality, doesn’t mean much, but it’s a milestone, regardless. People ask what my one-year goals are for the shop. My response is always to be here the next year.

3.) BYRON IS MOVING FORWARD. After the long-decision-making-time, I’ve chosen to self-publish. I’m waiting for editing changes and then I’ll edit-edit-edit like crazy and hopefully have a beta version this January.

4.) I am going to fail NaNoWriMo horribly this year, but THAT’S OKAY. I’m hoping to have another novel done by January to enter it into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. (Byron didn’t even make it through the first round, but I knew it was going to be a tough sell.)

5.) I’ve been taking some time off from work for my own mental health and have been working out/writing/generally lazing about so as not to make my anxiety/depression any worse. That will most likely have a bloggy post of its own (as will most of these subjects) but I’ve made progress on my worry-scale and have been rethinking what I define as success and have been trying to get better at being okay with my life.

6.) I have visible triceps. I can do, like, four pushups. Yeah.

I’ll update more regularly. Maybes like, every few days or so, you know? Chaa.


A Brief Summary of the Last Three Years

Hello, internet.

It’s been a while, huh?

I’ve been doing a lot of things in the last three years. Here’s a brief summary of them:


  • Published a short story (remember how three years ago I talked about writing them?) in the third volume of Devilfish Review.
  • Won a contest to be a guinea pig for Apparatus Publishing.
  • Wrote a novel entitled STAR-CROSSED OR: THE CONFOUNDING CALAMITIES OF BYRON THE CAD AND MARIETTA THE ZOMBIE. It’s 120,000 words of absurd speculative fantasy horror.
  • Massive amounts of queries to agents to represent said novel have gone out.


  • Bought the coffee shop where I worked for seven years about a year ago in August of 2012. (This is mostly the reason for my recent disappearance, but I can’t blame it for everything.)
  • Found a great guy and we’re getting married in T-MINUS 17 DAYS. Yep. Halloween. It’s steampunk themed.
  • My hair color has been, since you’ve last been updated, blue, then purple, then blue again, then green and now it’s both green and yellow.

Whew. I think that’s it. More to come about the bulleted points later. But for now, it’s good to be back. (And Darth Highlighter is making sure I’m going to post a MINIMUM of daily. We’ll see how that holds up.)